Opportunities for Partnerships

Eastgate International interest is on partnerships that focus on economic development for growing economies, keen to state that technologies that span virtually the entire range of focus areas is a key component. This offers an opportunity for companies and organizations to explore a wide range of technology partnership opportunities in growing economies in Africa.
Eastgate International has found that particularly in development areas that promote green energy foot print, partnership arrangements generate enormous value to all parties and so will continue to actively pursue such agreements.

Regional Market Opportunities

The East African region has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economic blocs in Africa.
To give a sense of its size, the combined GDP of the countries in the East African block region is approximately 200 Billion, and it is set to grow11% per year over the next five years – driven by three main factors: population growth, substantial legal and regulatory reforms, and market liberalizations that have unlocked a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and paved the way for companies to grow and expand.
On the policy side, there is a growing commitment from governments in these regions to sustainable development.

Major Partners

IGSLogoInternational Green Structures (IGS) develops innovative and next generation “green” panelized building kits that use an IGS pre-engineered steel framing system and the latest in sustainable and renewable construction materials and patented manufacturing agri-technology. Our flexible construction technology is easily expandable and accommodates a variety of sizes and designs.
IGS panelized systems are shipped as kits and can be easily assembled within a few days. All of our solutions meet national and international building codes.


  • UN Global Marketplace Registration #183533
  • UFAS (Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards) Compliant
  • USDA Bio-Preferred Approved
  • IBC/IRC 2009 Compliant

For more information, please visit www.igstructures.com

advocates_logoWambasi & Company Advocates is a medium–sized legal and general consultancy law firm set up in the year 2011.The firm was founded by Wambasi Carl Makokha, an Advocate who has been in active practice for over Seven (7) years and with extensive experience in a wide spectrum of law: international and municipal corporate and company law, public and private international law, international and municipal environmental law, commercial litigation, commercial transactions and civil litigation and defence.

The firm was set up with a vision of providing personalized, timely and effective consultancy and legal solutions and services to its clients. Our recipe for success is:”Possibility Is When Impossibility Meets Us.” We have a strong commitment to the clients we serve in the industry and the sectors we represent.
For more information, please visit www.wambasiadvocates.com

urbasolar_logoUrbasolar and East Gate International have established a partnership to develop, finance, turnkey construct, operate and maintain photovoltaic power plants in Kenya with a long term strategy to duplicate the effort regionally and in other countries in Africa . Urbasolar has been a lead French industrial group specialized in the photovoltaic sector and has the expertise; resources and capacity to execute PV projects that would enable the energy sector in Kenya attain its envisioned clean energy mark and ultimately contribute towards the growth of the energy production to the anticipated target of 5000MW.
For more information, please visit www.urbasolar.com/en/