Investment Promotion East Africa

Developing countries in Africa rival for investor’s that can partner to fuel and foster economic growth by infusing capital, technology, and know-how into key sectors. Many developing and transitional countries have realized the need to grow and are now focusing on attracting investment as an urgent priority. An important question for policymakers in these countries is how to best develop the investment policy, institutions, and sector strategy to attract direct investment.
EGI help’s client countries establish effective legal, policy, and institutional frameworks for investment and market their improving business environments to win new investment. The product line supports our clients’ need for rapid increases in investment by targeting opportunities in specific sectors or industries, within the context of longer-term reform efforts.

Consulting/Sustainability Practice

Expertise is engraved in experience, and EGI operates at the crucial intersection of sustainability and Infrastructure Development. As such, EGI understands how to bring sustainability and development together in a way that’s commercially viable and high quality results are achieved. This puts EGI in a unique position to offer a range of consulting services on sustainable development in areas that are not but limited to infra structure development, energy/renewable energy, oil and gas, agriculture, security, tourism, micro finance and ICT.