Africa is by all means a good and rewarding investment destination currently attracting thousands of investors from all over the world.
The best investment opportunities lies in Agriculture, Tourism and Hotel Industry, Real Estate (Building and Construction), Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Communication Infrastructure, exploration of Oil, Natural Gas and other precious Resources, Money, Banking and Finance and the list is endless…
What we do
EGI has identified the special requirements of the investor clientele, developing a wide range of investor support services. EGI offers advisory for foreign investors planning to invest or expand business operations in Africa but primarily in East Africa giving specific information on investment opportunities.

EGI works to link Investors with key government decision makers, agencies and stake holders set up to provide professional assistance, facilitation, information and advice both local and foreign investors seeking to establish new investment’s or expand existing investments in Africa.
Why Invest in East Africa
East Africa is a desirable investment destination due to a number of key strengths that include:-

  • Excellent connectivity to major world-wide hubs and time zones that make it easy to work with most continents. Kenya’s Nairobi city is the undisputed transportation hub of Eastern and Central Africa and the largest city between Cairo and Johannesburg. Also the Port of Mombasa is the most important deep-water port in the region, supplying the shipping needs of more than a dozen countries
  • A deep pool of educated and skilled manpower that have made East Africa the manufacturing, commercial and financial hub in eastern and central Africa
  • A leading tourism, wildlife and safari destination. The tourism industry, already one of the most successful in the world, continues to expand
  • A fully liberalized economy without exchange or price controls. There are no restrictions on domestic and foreign borrowing by residents and non-residents
  • An attractive and comprehensive package of incentives offered to investors
  • A strong and cooperative relationship between the government, the private sector and development partners makes it conducive to attracting investments in countries in East Africa.
  • Membership to regional trading blocs of COMESA and the EAC, as well as a beneficiary country under the preferential trade enhancing schemes offered by the AGOA legislation of the USA and the ACP-EU Cooperation and various bilateral cooperation agreements
  • Proximity to the entire African market with plenty of land and a high population
  • A relatively well developed manufacturing base in the Eastern African region
  • Potential for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. East Africa’s mineral resources though limited, are attractive and a potential source of valuable materials such as Oil, Natural Gas and Titanium. At present exploration of oil is ongoing off the Indian Ocean Coast and other parts of the East African Countries.
  • Favorable weather /Climate as well as attractive and diverse social/cultural environment.
  • A relatively well developed infrastructure
  • East African businesses encourage the use of mobile (cell) phones for doing business and telemarketing. Fixed lines and wireless mobile , mobile banking, Internet banking service’s etc
  • The electrical current in East Africa is 240 volts, 50 hertz (cycles per second).