oilinafrica1Africa’s natural resources are in demand! This is not only restricted to the extractive industries such as mining, and oil and gas. The current emerging un- extracted resource’s in Africa is growing by the numbers a fact the EGI has noted and wants to engage in as a support stream to help enhance the capabilities that this sector boosts of.
Massive offshore gas discoveries in East Africa are catapulting the region into a major player in the global energy arena, bringing billions in investment that could transform entire economies.Off the pristine beaches of Africa’s Indian Ocean coast, multinationals have struck gas — well upon well upon well.
East Africa’s coastal region, stretching out to Seychelles holds 441.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That’s about 50 percent more than in Saudi Arabia.
“There could be the expectation that natural gas will be exploited tomorrow and we’ll benefit immediately.”