Road-RepairIn the developing world and especially in Africa, the urban population is expected to jump by more than 1.3-billion over the next two decades, with each new entrant seeking better employment opportunities and a higher quality of living; African cities would grow 267% by 2050, while global cities would expand 94%;
Rapid urbanization on the continent demands that governments and cities become globally competitive. The biggest need for infrastructure exists in power, transportation (roads, rail, ports, etc), hospitals and schools. The current spend on infrastructure in a developing country in Africa is about US$45 billion a year. About US$90 to ups of US$100 billion a year is needed to fund priority projects in Africa as it develops which is a huge funding deficit. This means there are substantial opportunities for the private sector to either invest alone or in partnership with government, which EGI is well aware of and acts to bridge the gap between governments and investors.